Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
Health Experience & Data Strategy Leader
Current Employer:
UCSF Health

Haleemat defied the odds in her native Nigeria, where twice as many girls as boys are out of school in some regions. She earned not one, but TWO university degrees: a Bachelor’s and a Master’s, both in economics. Excited to start her career in Nigeria, she shifted course after an opportunity to relocate to the U.S. emerged.

When Haleemat arrived in California, she was pregnant. Rebuilding a new life in a new country was daunting, and the challenges she faced got even tougher when her baby arrived.

As bright as she thought prospects were when she first arrived, she wasn’t getting anywhere. Haleemat’s job search floundered without a community in the U.S. Her supportive husband would later join her stateside, but he was struggling to find work too.

Upwardly Global became Haleemat’s support system during those difficult years, helping her get back on her feet, regain her confidence and build connection, and eventually re-launch her career as a data analyst.

She now has three young children and a career she loves; her community and an incredibly supportive employer have been critical during the pandemic. Balancing childcare, at-home learning, and work has become the norm for many Americans during Covid-19. Immigrant women have always struggled with these hard realities, and have been hit especially hard over the last year as some 5 million women combined have left the workforce. They need community more than ever.

Haleemat is proud of her journey and committed to paying it forward—to supporting others in her shoes—to ensure we can all have equal opportunity.

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