Before Upwardly Global:
Cashier at a fast food chain
Current Profession:
Pathology assistant
Current Employer:
siParadigm L.L.C

Lubab, 47, had been a pathologist in her homeland before her brother’s work for the United States military forced her to flee. A bullet struck her windshield as she drove to work one day and she realized she had no choice but to leave the country.

With no money or time to study for the medical exams, she worked as a cashier at a fast food restaurant in Texas. Finally, she learned about an opening to work as a pathology assistant in New Jersey and moved there along with her husband and two daughters.

Now Lubab has a chance both to help her new country and to work as a physician. At the start of the outbreak, she volunteered to administer tests for the COVID-19 virus and she received her temporary license to practice medicine in New Jersey for six months. Today, she continues her work in pathology while advocating for internationally trained workers in America.

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