Before Upwardly Global:
Translator and Warehouse Worker
Current Profession:
Clinical research Coordinator
Current Employer:
University of California, San Francisco

“I grew up in Ethiopia. I was inspired to become a doctor so I can help people who are in need. My father had diabetes. I could see how stressful it was for my mom and siblings and my family. I used to stay with him when he was in the hospital. I observed the doctors who treated him, how kind and good they were, and it stuck with me.

In my country, I worked as a medical doctor in a hospital on the border with South Sudan. This was during the war. I also worked for a nonprofit as a mentor and monitor for fellow medical professionals, focusing on HIV and other infectious diseases.

I was 26 when I came here as an asylee. People are more open and approachable here, but I am from a more reserved culture. Finding employment was really difficult. I was overqualified. For a while, I was translating and working in a warehouse.

By the time I learned about UpGlo, I had honestly given up hope. I had family responsibilities and needed to be working very hard all of the time. UpGlo told us stories about people who had come to UpGlo before us, how they had tried and failed repeatedly to find jobs by themselves. Sometimes it’s good to know it’s not only you. Hearing their success stories was like getting my battery charged. I learned all the skills about how to present yourself and take into account cultural differences.

Now I’m working at University of California, San Francisco, doing clinical research coordination for breast oncology research. I work with world renowned physicians and I am only one exam away from getting my relicensing as a general practitioner. Thanks to UpGlo, I know where I belong and where my skills are valued.”