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“Upwardly Global provided me with all the tools I needed to improve my interview skills, and provided constant encouragement so that I could succeed.”

When Sofia emigrated from her home country of Mexico to the United States in 2017, she left behind a successful 15-year career working as the Chief of Energy Saving Training Department for the Federal Commission of Electricity, Public Utility and Energy and then as a consultant at the Center for Sustainable Energy. She came to the U.S. seeking security and a fresh start after ending a difficult marriage.

Sofia settled with friends in the suburbs of New York City and began to rebuild her life. She was not expecting what happened next — that she would meet a man who was authentic and kind, and who would soon become her husband. She loved her new life in the U.S., but one thing was still missing — the meaningful career she had worked so hard to build.

Sofia was a dynamic, driven, professional. With full work authorization and two master’s degrees from her home country, she was eager to re-enter the workforce. But soon after seeking employment, she realized the greatest hurdle that stood in her way was her limited English-language skills. Securing a job fit for her skills and experience was going to be a significant challenge without a more advanced level of English.

After studying English through a variety of other programs and mediums, and completing several English courses, Sofia still wasn’t satisfied with her English level. UpGlo introduced Sofia to EF Hello, a free app developed as the definitive tool to learn English through conversation.

For Sofia, EF Hello has been the key to improved English proficiency and, in turn, readiness to re-enter the workforce in a position that aligns with her experience level. EF Hello addresses a curriculum that Sofia’s English courses and other language-learning programs were missing. Sofia is excited for her future; with a strong English language foundation from EF Hello and tailored coaching from UpGlo, she feels prepared to enter the US workforce in her field of expertise.