Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
Quality Assurance Specialist
Current Employer:

Tamas, experienced in auto parts sales and dealership management in Hungary, came to Upwardly Global just four days before a big interview for a Quality Assurance Technologist position at Nestlé.  Nervous about a phone interview in English for a position in a different industry, Tamas needed some backup.  The Upwardly Global team immediately mobilized to help him identify the transferable skills he should highlight and coached him through what a typical U.S. interview would be like.  The team sent him off with materials to review and complete before a practice phone interview scheduled to take place after regular business hours later that evening. The following day, a Saturday, Tamas participated in one of Upwardly Global’s Mock Interview sessions, further boosting his confidence and helping him think strategically about how to market himself to his potential new employer.

Nestlé was impressed and invited him for an in-person interview. Once again, Tamas called on the Upwardly Global team to help him sharpen his interview technique.  The interview went extremely well and he was offered the position.  Nestle paid for Tamas and his family to move to Kentucky where he started working with the company in March of 2010.

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