Before Upwardly Global:
Babysitter and Seamstress
Current Profession:
Hedge Fund Accountant
Current Employer:
Citi Group

“I used to work as an accountant at one of the big four oil production companies in Russia. I did leave it all behind. I arrived without papers and any expectation I could rebuild my career. I had only one plan in mind and it was simple and irrational: to live in the USA and have my family with me. It was not an easy path, but tough, rough, and, at times, hopeless. I left my survival job as a babysitter after getting my asylee status and began my journey from small steps. I took classes to improve my English, then I came across UpGlo. I sent them an email and received an invitation to the first workshop – resume writing. I was totally shocked by how huge the community of professional and skilled immigrants is in NYC. My first workshop was with real people from my professional area. The woman who worked with me on my resume impressed me so deeply. I stepped out of the office and could barely feel the ground. I knew that there was somebody who cared and who believed in me. This is my Upwardly Global!”