Mohammad Sediq Hazratzai

Mohammed Sediq Hazratzai from Afghanistan, now at University of California, Davis and giving back as a healthcare mentor at Upwardly Global

About Mohammad Sediq Hazratzai

Mohammad Sediq Hazratzai, MD, MPH is a career public health professional and researcher with extensive experience in refugee and immigrant health. As a visiting professor at the University of California Davis, Sediq teaches refugee health and comparative health systems. Sediq is also a credentialed Principal Investigator with the Public Health Institute (PHI) and an affiliate with University of California San Francisco (UCSF), Institute for Global Health Sciences. Sediq has worked with nonprofits, IOM (UN Migration Agency), and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health on projects focused on the most vulnerable populations – refugees, Migrants, drug users and at-risk groups for HIV. Sediq is an Upwardly Global alumni and now mentors a group of up to twenty job seekers who are Afghan refugee physicians and public health practitioners to find employment in the United States.




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