About Sweta Sridhar

Sweta Sridhar is a rotational business analyst as part of the NGDP (New Graduate Development Program) at Visa Inc. where she has experienced multiple roles over the past year in areas such as Global Marketing and Cross-Border Strategic Initiatives to drive partnership opportunities and other business priorities forward. Prior to that, Sweta has experienced business analyst functions across top Fortune 100 brands such as PayPal and VMware in the Silicon Valley. She received a B.B.A in Business Administration and B.A. in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin and worked with individuals from many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures through her extracurricular leadership roles abroad.

Sweta’s passion for mentorship, professional development, and volunteering, for example, at the Good Samaritan hospital, Dress for Success, and the College of Adaptive Arts has shown her the importance of giving back to the community to support those who have not had access to developmental resources. As a child of South Asian (Indian) immigrants, she has first-handedly seen and experienced her family’s journey of moving to the United States in hopes of pursuing their dreams with many hardships and uncertainty along the way. Sweta has been inspired and finds immense passion for supporting immigrant job-seekers looking for opportunities. She hopes to connect her passions professionally and personally to impact Upwardly Global moving forward.




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