About Tadios Belay

Dr. Tadios Belay is an ardent advocate for educational equity, development practitioner, researcher, and social justice activist. He is the founding President of the Board of Directors of the US Africa Institute, a US-based academic institution established to help promote academic partnership between the US and African academic institutions through student and faculty exchange, academic and research partnership, and citizen diplomacy.

Recently, Dr. Tadios Belay was a Human Rights Fellow at the prestigious United States Human Rights Network where he educated and engaged African American and African immigrant communities to organize and advocate for access to education, racial, social, and economic justice throughout the United States and globally.

He also worked as a Principal Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council where he had been actively engaged and tirelessly advocated through the adoption process of the first-ever global migration management document called the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) where he advocated for educational equity, gender equity and access to social services. For his unwavering commitment, work, and public service, he earned recognition and award from the California State Assembly and the 15th California Assembly District as a Community Change-Maker and received the 7th Annual Juneteenth Image Award.

He has advocated and closely worked with members of U.S. Congress, California State Assembly, and local legislatures, and played a leadership role through his advocacy and lobbying efforts which helped pass the nation’s prominent legislation and policies pertaining to access to college, educational equity, immigration, and health care.

Dr. Tadios Belay attended the University of San Francisco, School of Law and school of education on merit scholarship where he specialized in multicultural education and International Law. He has also attended the prestigious Executive Education Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and completed his doctoral degree in Global Education and Policy at the University of Southern California (USC) where his research works focused on the intersection of global education, identity, culture and student achievement in predominately White Colleges and Universities.




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