Senior Employment Services Advisor Tamar Frolichstein-Appel Interviewed in Minneapolis Fed Article

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Upwardly Global Senior Employment Services Advisor Tamar Frolichestein-Appel spoke with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis about barriers to licensure for foreign-born healthcare workers.

To learn more, we spoke with Tamar Frolichstein-Appel, senior employment services advisor and health care community lead at Upwardly Global, an organization that works to “eliminate employment barriers for immigrant and refugee professionals, and advance the inclusion of their skills into the U.S. economy.” Frolichsten-Appel noted that when deciding to pursue licensure, clients must consider the costs in time and money and assess their likelihood of success. For clients who pursue medical licenses in the United States, Upwardly Global provides occupation-specific guides that outline the steps to become licensed, personal coaching on navigating the process, and assistance with completing their applications and preparing for residency interviews. If clients opt not to pursue licensure, the organization helps them pivot into related professional careers such as clinical research.

Read the full article here: Occupational Licensing Requirements Can Limit Employment Options for Immigrants

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