Upwardly Global CEO Issues Statement on Federal Court’s Decision To Block Asylum Restrictions

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Yesterday, a federal court blocked the Biden administration’s temporary restrictions on migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. Jina Krause-Vilmar, President and CEO of Upwardly Global, issued a statement welcoming the judge’s decision.

“Seeking asylum is a right enshrined in not just international law but U.S. law as well. We are glad that a federal court recognizes this and struck down this harmful and dangerous policy,” says Krause-Vilmar. “The focus of this administration should be re-funding and equipping the asylum system to process newcomers entering the country. Families across America are raising their hands to take in asylum seekers and our processing system should reflect that.”

In two weeks, following the court’s decision, tens of thousands of asylum seekers who have been waiting in Mexico and other countries will no longer need to apply for asylum through the administration’s Safe Mobility Offices (SMOs). They will no longer be turned away without proper screening for asylum claims. Those with valid claims will be allowed to stay in the U.S. while their cases proceed through immigration court.


Upwardly Global is the first and longest-serving organization dedicated to advancing the inclusion of immigrant and refugee professionals into the U.S. workforce. We have long been committed to supporting Afghan refugees, having built out a national program incorporating our experience serving several hundred Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa recipients over the past decade.

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