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On Friday, December 2nd, Upwardly Global hosted a public board meeting on “How Can We Best Address Barriers to Immigrant and Refugee Inclusion”. The discussion included the state of immigrant and refugee inclusion, a case study on including internationally trained doctors in our healthcare system, including barriers and opportunities,
Uprooted from Kabul, welcomed in Pittsburgh “We left everything behind. Our careers, the city that we loved for years, my apartment, my car, everything,” says Jalal. “And then it kind of struck me – I have to start everything from scratch not only for me, but for my family.”
Upwardly Global is  proud to be featured in Changeworks from Independent Sector as a nonprofit putting “Hope, Help and Progress on Tap for 2023.” “In the new year, big plans to innovate and scale our services are on the horizon. Our job readiness program and inclusive hiring efforts already
WARSAW — Upwardly Global is pleased to announce the launch of two free, online, and self-paced resources specifically curated to support displaced Ukrainian professionals seeking to rebuild their careers in the U.S. or Poland: Our new U.S. portal has been designed for job seekers and employers looking to train
From Harvard to NewYork-Presbyterian, Ann tackles new challenges in American academia Ann’s corner office is tidy and practical, warmed by glowing lamplight. She peers to her left, and her monitor’s camera captures a professional headshot in real time. This is the angle that her students so often see her
Meet Sohaila, a surgeon and Upwardly Global Alum from Afghanistan. There are 125 students in my medical class. 124 boys and me, one girl. Usually, the patient come to the hospital after they just deliver baby at home. Once, we told the family the best option is to do
I was born to fly. Being a pilot was my great ambition from childhood. When I was playing with my friends, every time I was trying to be a pilot, making my hands look like wings. When I saw Top Gun, I was always trying to be cool like
Legislation in effect Nov. 1 sets equitable hiring precedent for local governments across the country NEW YORK — For over 3 million foreign-born New Yorkers – especially women and immigrants of color – the search for a fair-paying job in the U.S. is one of the biggest challenges they
WARSAW — Upwardly Global, the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI), the Ukrainian House, and a coalition of partners are teaming up to support the economic resilience of 1,000 displaced Ukrainian women in Poland with job coaching, job readiness, language and technical skills training, and wrap-around services, such as childcare.
Groundbreaking partnership leverages AI technology to impact careers of thousands of immigrants in the U.S. NEW YORK — Upwardly Global is joining forces with FutureFit AI for an innovative partnership that will leverage cutting-edge technology to eliminate employment barriers for professional immigrants and refugees and help this population navigate

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