Action Guide: Upwardly Global Activates Employers to Support Ukrainian Refugees

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The international business community has a vital role to play in supporting Ukrainian refugees, and Upwardly Global is well-positioned to not only empower newly arrived Ukrainians, but to engage employers who want to take action. Upwardly Global is pleased to announce the release of a new action guide for employers on supporting Ukrainian refugees. The guide is designed to support employers in taking action now and in the long term as Ukrainians integrate into the U.S. workforce.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Upwardly Global rapidly engaged our network of employers and local partners around the globe to track trends in employer action — from the U.S. to on-the-ground in Poland. We are pleased that many multinational corporations quickly rehired Ukrainian employees and some even provided wrap-around support for temporary housing and childcare, as well as launched special job platforms. In our action guide, readers will learn about the rapid response from companies like Accenture, Amazon/AWS, JPMorgan Chase, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Oliver Wyman, and PepsiCo.

Upwardly Global recommends that employers offer specific support to these newcomers, following the example of these industry leaders. Some of the best ways to incorporate these refugees into the U.S. workforce include hiring, training, mentoring, and offering women wrap-around services to support their special needs.

Even as we wait for more details, it is critical that the business community prepares to provide this population with access not only to employment, but to skill-aligned employment that will ensure their social and economic inclusion in the medium  to long term. Check out our Guide to learn more.


Upwardly Global has worked with over 750 Ukrainians to date through our career readiness and skilling program, placing nearly 500 into career-track jobs in tech, engineering, healthcare, finance and accounting, and business operations. As of April 2022, there are currently 50 Ukrainian professional candidates enrolled in the Upwardly Global program and we expect to serve 200 this year alone as the various legal pathways unfold and refugees begin to arrive and resettle into the country.

Upwardly Global is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated to including foreign-trained immigrants and refugees, including Ukrainian refugees, in the U.S. workforce. These newcomers face barriers at each step of the job search process including lack of professional networks, resume gaps, and often compounding factors due to their race and immigrant status (75% of Upwardly Global job seekers identify with communities of color).

At the same time, employers face another set of unique challenges in filling 5 million open roles, skills shortages, and recruiting and hiring diverse talent. Based on our experience of working with internationally trained professionals over the last 20 years, we have developed a suite of employer-facing trainings and tools to prepare employers for recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding internationally trained professionals. These best practices and resources are aimed at moving the mark for more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

To learn more about how businesses can aid Ukrainian resettlement and workforce inclusion or to join this growing group, please contact Upwardly Global: Jennie Murray, Vice President of Programs, and Kim Cohen, Director of Employer Engagement.


Upwardly Global is a national nonprofit whose mission is to eliminate employment barriers for immigrant and refugee professionals and advance the inclusion of their skills into the U.S. economy. With offices in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., Upwardly Global is a leader in skilled workforce development and placement.

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