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Over two decades, Upwardly Global has supported more than 7,000 immigrant and refugee professionals in rebuilding careers in high-demand fields in the United States. Now, with Jobversity, our nationally-recognized coaching model and best-in-class resources are available in a digital platform to support your clients.

Jobversity provides job seekers with a suite of customized online learning models to develop foundational career readiness knowledge and soft skills, including:

Core Employment Readiness Soft Skills Training: Learn about soft skills, or essential skills, which are human-centric skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, communication, and storytelling. U.S. employers rank the need for soft skills as being more important to success in the workplace than technical skills.

Resume Building Tools: Learn how to improve your resume for the U.S. job search by learning each section of your resume, contact information, professional summary, key skills, professional experience, additional experience, education, professional development, and resume formatting for a professional look.

Enhancing Your Job Search Skills: Learn about expanding your network, elevating your application materials, improving your job interview responses, and negotiating your salary.

Customized Resources and Support: Access Upwardly Global-trained volunteers for mentoring and interview practice, and build your network in your industry.

Skilling Opportunities: Access certification, specialization, and skilling opportunities in collaboration with Upwardly Global training partners.

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