“Over the past several years, Accenture and Upwardly Global have forged a strong, vibrant relationship. We are proud to partner through our corporate citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, which is equipping 3 million people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business. Our people across the U.S. have volunteered approximately 5,000 hours with UpGlo, building lasting relationships with these jobseekers through mentorship, resume building and mock interviews.

Additionally – and like many of our clients – we work with Upwardly Global to identify qualified candidates that might be a fit for positions at Accenture that require highly-skilled individuals. In fact, more than 500 have secured positions with us and with our clients across the country.

Looking ahead, we will help UpGlo reach more people across the U.S. and continue to work closely to identify qualified candidates that might be a fit at Accenture. By combining our capabilities and expertise, we are expanding access to the training and coaching these individuals need to rebuild their careers and reach their full potential.

Partnering with UpGlo reinforces our commitment to making a difference in the way the world works and lives. Together, we are making a measurable and sustainable impact in the lives of the skilled immigrants, refugees and their families.”

Larry Solomon, COO of Accenture North America

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