Meet an alumni Belinda

“It is said that if you find your passion, follow it, and you will never have to work for the rest of your life. I have found my passion, and I believe it marks the beginning of the rest of my life for my family and me.”


Belinda learned a lot about perseverance while working as a young female architect in a predominantly male profession in Ghana. She oversaw projects and portfolios of all sizes across the country.

As a professional woman–or a “Boss Chick” as they say in Ghana–Belinda was eager to get back to work after she moved to Chicago to join her husband. She fell in love with the city’s architecture, and with the promise of America as the land of opportunity. But the reality proved more challenging. She started working as a cashier, and after a month was promoted to customer service manager. But she still wanted more out of her career.

After joining UpGlo’s program, Belinda attended as many events as she could. It was through one of these events that she connected with her current employer, Lendlease. She is thrilled to be back on track, pursuing her American dream.

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