COVID-19 Is Impacting the UpGlo Community — Here’s How You Can Help

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Every day brings new challenges with the COVID-19 virus and all the uncertainty it is causing in the global economy and our own personal lives. As Upwardly Global takes measures to keep our community safe and healthy during this challenging time, we appreciate your continued support of our work in advancing the professional ambitions of our immigrant job seekers and building a more inclusive economy. 

Here are steps we are taking to keep our community safe: 

  • Office Closures: Upwardly Global offices will be closed as we assess this rapidly-evolving situation. UpGlo staff will work from home and continue to be available via phone/email. 
  • Virtual Coaching: Our team of national coaches will continue to support job seekers virtually, being available by email and phone and providing online tools and resources
  • Online Meetings and Events: To the extent possible, Upwardly Global meetings and events will be conducted online, using technology resources. We are committed to proactive communication with our networks about scheduling changes. 

As we prioritize the health of our community, we also want to give special attention to the well-being of our job seekers who may face special challenges: 

  • Social Isolation: As “social distancing” measures are recommended to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are aware that Upwardly Global’s current cohort of approximately 1,600 job seekers are often isolated to begin with as they adjust to life in a new country, and that 85% live below the poverty line. We are committed to providing continued support to our community during this difficult time, including online opportunities to learn and connect, especially if hiring freezes result in longer job placement times.  
  • Limited Internet Access: We are aware that many of our current job seekers have limited internet access except at libraries or other public institutions, which could be compromised as these facilities close. Our staff will make extra efforts to be available via phone to provide support as needed, and we are working to build a fast-track to address extenuating circumstances. 

Amidst these challenges, we ask for your continued support of UpGlo during this challenging time: 

  • Volunteer to participate in online or telephone practice interviews and networking sessions with our job seekers, which expand their networks and advance their job searches during this challenging time.
  • Refer people in your network to our resource library for easy-to-access job search tools. 
  • Donate to bolster our ability to do more outreach and offer additional online support for our most vulnerable job seekers during this difficult time.  

This rapidly evolving situation is alarming and we must do all we can to brace for the consequences. But it is also an opportunity to build our community stronger for now and the future.

Thank you for standing by us and for your ongoing support.

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